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Duration: 16 Days Arriving: Antananarivo Departing: Antananarivo Cycle from the Malagasy highlands to the south coast of Madagascar and discover the fourth biggest island in the world. ... moreMeet local people, learn about their culture and customs, explore fauna and flora and, of course, enjoy your passion, cycling!


Today is an arrival day. You are free to arrive at any time. Upon arrival in Antananarivo you will be greeted by your tour manager and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure.
Antananarivo or Tana takes its name from an episode in Malagasy history.
Overnight: Hotel


On foot and with our tour vehicle we do an informative tour around the city. Later we take our bikes
and cycle to Ambohimanga, the blue hill. The hill is classed as holy, due to the earlier presence of
the holy capital of the Merina Kingdom and was named UNESCO world heritage site in 2001.
Continue to Ilafy. On the hill today you can see only the ruins of the priestly Rova.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 19 Kilometer
Difficulty: Easy asphalt road with some climbs
Type and conditions of trails: National road to the junction, North-East of the Antananarivo city


Transfer along the national road to the village of Antanifotsy by car. On the way we visit an
aluminum pot making factory in Ambatolampy. From Antanifotsy, we ride on the bicycle to continue our journey. Sometimes, the local bike enthusiasts wave to us. At the beginning of our bicycle journey, we drive on a track with fruit trees and rice fields at the edge. After crossing the track, we will be on the national highway number 7 to reach Antsirabe. Because of its position in the highlands, Antsirabe, 4500ft. above sea level, during its French rule was also a favorite recuperation site.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 52, 9 kilometer
Difficulty: easy track and asphalt road, some easy climbs
Type and conditions of trails: National road from the junction to Antsirabe, North East from the city of Antsirabe


Today we'll take a bike ride. First, we will visit the Andraikiba lake located at 7 km from Antsirabe; it is a beautiful place to hang out. There are also sellers of semi-precious stones on this site. Lake Andraikiba was also an important center for water sports activities.
After we continue with our bike to reach another lake, more spectacular, and full of myth; it is Tritriva lake located 11 km south of Andraikiba lake. This Crater Tritriva lake is the most famous to Madagascar, whose the water level rises during the dry season and decreases during the rainy season.
To return, after the visit of the two lakes, we will take the car. Arriving at Antsirabe, we'll do the city tour by car; we will also discover the artisans of the city with their finished products.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 18 kilometer
Difficulty: easy asphalt road, gravel path with many climbs
Type and conditions of trails: National road until the junction, West of Antsirabe town


After breakfast we cycle further south on the hilly road to Ambositra. It is situated 93km from Fianarantsoa, the handicraft capital; the region is best-known for its wood work: sculpture, inlays and engravings. The Zafimaniry villages, named for the tribe living in the dense, eastern forests, are especially distinctive. Their fine and delicate woodwork has achieved worldwide acclaim.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 93 kilometer
Difficulty: easy asphalt road, a lot of turns and climbs
Type and conditions of trails: National road from Antsirabe to Ambositra


A transfer by our vehicle takes us to the small village of Camp Robin. This is at the village of Camp Robin that we take the bicycle to reach the village of Ranomafana. This path is characterized by turns, climbs and descents. Along the way, we will pass in valleys, villages and eucalyptus forests. From the village of Ambohimahasoa, there will be a change in climate, it is tropical humid climate. So it may rain on the way. It will be the end of this path that there will be a long descent before arriving at our hotel.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 84 kilometer
Difficulty: easy track and asphalt road, some easy climbs and descents, 12 Kilometer long descent at the end of the journey
Type and conditions of trails: Narrow national road between Camp Robin and Ranomafana


The national park of Ranomafana is a full forested park (41 601 Ha) classified World Natural Heritage of Atsinanana, located in the East of Fianarantsoa. You can find there the rare and endangered species of Lemurs. The Varibolomena, a diurnal lemur is the best species of the Park with the Grand Hapalemur. The water of Thermal station of Ranomafana whose sulfur composition is a true therapy for some diseases takes its source in the Park. The relief is hilly and the forest dense cut by beautiful cascades.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: break
Difficulty: 2-5 hours walk in the park, depend on the ability of participants
Type and conditions of trails: Visit of the Ranomafana National Park


We cycle the first km mostly uphill to Andovaka. Then we leave the tarmac and we continue off
road. During the trip we see locals selling piles of sand, gained from the nearby river as well as
women weaving baskets. On a good gravel road we reach our hotel right in the centre of a tea
growing area; tea plantation covering 400ha.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 70 Kilometer
Difficulty: 12 kilometer climbs in the first route, many turns, track and asphalt road
Type and conditions of trails: National road until the junction, stony track between the junction to the hotel


After breakfast, we leave our hotel. Possibly, we visit the Sahambavy Tea Estate, the only tea
Plantation in Madagascar. After, we cycle through the city of Fianarantsoa which is situated approximatively 410 km from Antananarivo before we continue southward to Ambalavao. Fianarantsoa is the capital of Betsileo ethnic group. The landscape is beautiful with great views of vineyards, terraced rice paddies and rocky outcrops.
Heading south, Ambalavao is the town by some as “the Southern Gateway”; Betsileo and Bara ethnic groups work together to make “Antaimoro paper”. Overnight stay in Ambalavao, the wine region of Madagascar.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 77 Kilometer
Difficulty: easy asphalt road full of holes from the hotel to the junction, easy asphalt road from the junction until Ambalavao,
Type and conditions of trails: Narrow national road between the junction until Ambalavao with many turns and climbs


Today we drive bike Ambalavao until Andringitra. Andringitra is situated at 47 kilometer south of Ambalavao along the main road n°7, in the Region of Haute Matsiatra. The park shelters the peak at 2658 meter, one of the highest accessible summit of Madagascar. This area is well known for its biodiversity, endemism.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 47 kilometer
Difficulty: Difficult closely stony track with many ascents, descents and turns
Type and conditions of trails: stony track between Ambalavao to Andringitra


For today we let the bicycle. We will do a circuit called "Asaramanitra»; this is a long hike 6 kilometer loop. This circuit can be done in 4 hours with picnic break; it depends on the physical ability of participants. The Asaramanitra circuit takes you to the foot of the sacred fall Riandahy, 300 meter high.
You will discover its "half" the Riambavy under mist and brilliant water pearls.
You will find the grotto Ijajofo which was a former shelter of dahalo (robber’s zebu).
This tour is ideal for to find more extraordinary species and rare bird, the Lophotibus cristata.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: break
Difficulty: 4 hours walk in the park, depend on the ability of participants
Type and conditions of trails: Visit of the Andringitra National Park


After breakfast, we return by bicycle to Ambalavao to join the national highway going south. Gray mountains and red laterite, the landscape of the West American begins to appear. Everything becomes dry. There are many tombs and standing stones on the summits. Discovery of vast steppes conducive to zebu cattle. Small Houses, dry yellow grass and frequent bush fires appear. The road becomes right. The air becomes hot and dry. We descend to Ankaramena.
After Ankaramena, we take the car to reach Ihosy. 
The city serves as a transition between the green highlands of central Madagascar and dry
south. In the afternoon, we cross the vast plate of Horombe to go to Ranohira; those want to bike, you can ride the last kilometers to our hotel situated at the foot of the National Park of Isalo
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 187 kilometer
Difficulty: Difficult narrow stony track with many ascents, descents and turns between Andringitra and Ambalavao; easy wide tarred road and straight between Ambalavao and Ranohira with many ascents and descents
Type and conditions of trails: Runway to the first part, wide national road from Ambalavao to Ranohira


Is located in the region of Ihorombe, the massif of Isalo is a plateau of continental sandstone dated Jurassic. With our bike that we'll discover some sites of Isalo National Park with its bizarre rock formations and interesting flora. Strongly eroded and cut by deep canyons of many kilometers of length, the park is an extraordinary ecosystem. It is endemic rupicole vegetation made of aloes, euphorbes, pachypodes, kalanchoe grow on the exposed sandstone. We also can find there the Maki and the small bird …
We must not forget also the swimwear because we'll visit the natural swimming pool of the National Park of Isalo. It was after this visit that the car expects at the parking lot to take us to the hotel.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 21 Kilometer
Difficulty: Easy rocky trail with some slopes, turns and descents
Type and conditions of trails: Runway passing in small streams


After breakfast, we continue our bike trip until lunchtime, then the rest of the day by car. In the afternoon, we arrive at Toliara, capital of the southwestern region of Madagascar. The South offers striking images of light and shadows, of people and their villages, of landscape, of plants, of spiny forest, of pale colors and dry smell. Stay 2 nights in Ifaty for relaxing and swimming, on the beach.
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 108 Kilometer
Difficulty: Easy wide tarred road and straight with slight ascents and descents.
Type and conditions of trails: National Road


Free day
Overnight: Hotel


Transfer to Toliara Airport and return flight to Antananarivo. Our agent with the car will wait you at the airport in Antananarivo. It will take you back in your hotel for the day use. Depending on the arrival time of the flight from Tulear, it will be possible to go to the craft village: the big traditional market of Antananarivo. You will find all gathered Malagasy crafts. And at the end of the afternoon, you'll have time to prepare your luggage at the hotel restaurant quietly. You will be able to have shower and changeyou to be more comfortable for your journey home. 
You'll also take your dinner before your transfer to the airport provided by our agent who will assist you until your registration is completed.
And it's the end of our services. Our team wishes you a pleasant journey and hopes to see you soon discover another facet of Madagascar.
Day use: Hotel
Experience the best trails in the region matching your level and equipment.
The trails vary from steep, gnarly "enduro" trails with lots of rocks and roots, to mellow pinewood trails. Tours will predominantly take place in Kongsberg and Drammen. ... more

Bikes and other equipment not included.

This trip is available on a regular basis in the period april - october (depending on weather).
Day 1 : Surabaya Airport - Bromo Hotel Our staff will pick you up from Surabaya airport by name board then continue drive to cemoro lawang villages for about 3-4 hours. upon arrival ... morein Mt Bromo stay overnight.

Day 2 : Bromo Sunrise - Cycling Tour - Banyuwangi Hotel

At 03.30am the 4WD ( JEEP ) will bring you to the world's most famous view point Mt Penanjakan on the rim of tengger caldera to see sunrise with its young volcanic Mt. Bromo an a active Mt Semeru in the background is breathtaking the play light shadow with sunrise reach mountain succession from the top to the bottom. afterward continue to Mt Bromo. afterward the adventure Cycling tour at Savana enjoy nature and across sea sand. afterward back to hotel and continue drive to Banyuwangi area by car for about 4-5 hours. upon arrival in Banyuwangi stay overnight rest and relax.

Time : 3-4 hours Grade : Middle Easy Distance : 15 Km

Day 3 : Ijen Blue Fire - Ijen Eco Cycling - Surabaya Hotel

Early wake up at 01.00am and having breakfast then drive to a short way paltuding to the start of the trail that lead up to the active beautiful crater of kawah ijen about 2 hours walking. afterward adventure Ijen eco cycling

Time : 5-6 hours.

Grade : Middle Hard Distance 20km

Downhill ride the bike Nature surprise !

Start from int he forest we will enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain behind ijen in another way. a little play with adrenaline as we will find our way down rather sharply, should be extra careful, but it all paid off with a fantastic natural beauty, distinctive aroma of the fores, the cool air while you explore the natural wealth that may have been our only coffee, cloves, cacao plantatio. terrace rice field and coconut trees streetching green carpet. if you're lucky you'll see how indigenous people maintainthe natural ecosystem to remain balanced and eternal in growing or harvesting season. you will see farmers harvesting rice in the traditional way, or plowing with buffalo. take a rest at Rice field and lunch box. continue drive to Surabaya by car for about 6-7 hours and finish program.

Price Include :

Pick up service from Surabaya airport and drop off Surabaya hotel

1 N stay Bromo hotel area

1 N stay Ijen hotel area

English speaking guide

Cycling equipment

Mineral water and daily breakfast on program

Entrance ticket

4WD JEEP Mt Bromo Sunrise & Mt Ijen

Price Exclude

Horse riding Mt Bromo slope

Meals during on the trip ( L,D )

Travel Insurance,

other personal expenses.
Experience the sunshine of Tanzania on a two-wheel bicycle. Imagine incredible lush green passes, wildlife next to your wheels, and local culture on the journey. Cycling is the perfect ... moreway to enjoy the incredible landscapes of Tanzania. When the going gets tough, ride in the support vehicle, and when it’s time to see wildlife, swaps the bike for a jeep or truck

Starting from Arusha We do cycling at Mto wa Mbu and at the basis of Mount Meru
Upper Mustang is one of the two noteworthy divisions of Mustang area in northwestern Nepal (the other division is Lower Mustang). It outskirts to Tibetan level on the Chinese side ... moreand Dolpo and Manang on the Nepalese side. Bronco gloats the nearness of Muktinath, a well known journey among Buddhists and Hindus. Upper Mustang is about desert-like geology. Consequently, the cycling knowledge on this district can be loaded with enterprise. This mountain biking visit is outlined in a manner that one can appreciate biking alongside amazing views. The visit will take you to Pokhara from Kathmandu, then to Muktinath in Jomsom. At that point, the fundamental biking courses will take after, including Chele, Syangboche, Charang, Lo-Manthang, Kagbeni, to name a few. Touring, mountain biking, journey, enterprise and fun exercises, all are the segments of this astonishing visit.
Itinerary Day 01-Arrival in Kathmandu air terminal (1345meters). Day 02-Pre-trip meeting and touring around Kathmandu Day 03-Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (820m) 7 hrs by traveler ... moretransport

Day 04-Fly to Jomsom (2,700m), gather the bicycles, and ride to Kagbeni (2,900m)

Day 05-Ride from Kagbeni to Muktinath Day 06-Ride from Muktinath to Chele

Day 07-Ride from Chele to Syangboche

Day 08-Ride from Syangboche to Charang

Day 09-Ride from Charang to Lo-Manthang

Day 10 and 11-Explore around Lo-Manthang

Day 12-Ride from Lo-Manthang to Gami

Day 13-Ride from Gami to Samar

Day 14-Ride from Samar to Chheusang

Day 15-Ride from Chheusang to Kagbeni

Day 16-Ride from Kagbeni to Tatopani

Day 17-Ride from Tatopani to Beni and Drive to Pokhara.

Day 18-Guided Activities at Pokhara in private vehicle or on Bike.

Day 19-Pokhara to Kathmandu drive by Tourist vehicle, 7 Hrs.

Day 20-Final Departure from Nepal.
/ Person
Connemara’s hundreds of lakes, rivers and mountain lands combine to provide the choicest food - fresh lobsters, lamb, mussels, clams, scallops, venison, salmon and trout, quail and ... moreguinea fowl. Savour the best natural flavours along the Connemara coast, experience it's rich history, picturesque scenery and outstanding gastronomy while staying in some of Ireland's best hotels.
The magic of Ireland is found not only in the breathtaking scenery, but also in the unique warmth of the Irish people. On this tour you will have the chance to experience both. At ... morethe end of each day, you will dine in award winning restaurants, hand picked for their passionate chefs who create innovative menus with the finest locally sourced produce. We provide you with accommodation in sumptuous castles and manor house hotels, as well as bikes and any equipment that is needed. Your luggage is transferred each day in order to lighten the load. A full itinerary, maps, and suggested options are also part of this attractive package.

You will be picked up from Galway, Westport or Knock Airport and brought to your accommodation at Lough Inagh, a wonderful secluded valley in the Connemara Mountains. Your meal tonight will be in Lough Inagh Lodge, a rebuilt fishing lodge. On the shores of a freshwater lough, seafood and game is a speciality in the restaurant with delicious home-baked bread at all meals. We will be in touch with you on the day of arrival to answer any questions you may have about your tour. Your bicycles, equipment, route notes and maps will be waiting for you at your accommodation on arrival.

Today you can take a cycle through stunning scenery around the coast, passing the pristine white sands of Glassilaun & Lettergesh beaches. Your journey will take you to the Renvyle Peninsula, which is steeped in history and has many interesting archaeological sites. It is also renowned for its beaches and spectacular views of the Twelve Bens mountain range. You will be spending two nights in Renvyle and will dine each night in the multi-award winning restaurant in the historic Renvyle House Hotel.

After a hearty breakfast you will begin your cycle, passing through Tullycross with its many thatched cottages and meander along the coast passing through Letterfrack. Letterfrack is home to Connemara National Park, which has lots of information on the flora and fauna of Connemara with exhibitions, audiovisual shows and tearooms. You will visit the world famous Kylemore Abbey, a gothic fairytale lakeside castle lodged in a wooded hillside. It is the site of one of Ireland's finest gardens - the six-acre Victorian walled garden at Kylemore, created by Mitchell Henry in tandem with the building of Kylemore Castle in 1867. It won the prestigious Europa Nostra Award for Gardens in 2000.You will return to Renvyle along leafy back roads to enjoy another evening of fine dining in the Renvyle House Hotel.

Today you cycle to Clifden, often called the 'Capital of Connemara'. There are various route options available, the shortest being 25km, with the longest (passing through Cleggan and Aughrisbeg) over 50km. Do not miss the cycle around the Sky Road, offering you wonderful views over the Atlantic and the islands lying just offshore. We recommend that you stop for an independent lunch in the Bridgestone awarded Steam café, with delicious organic homegrown salads and homemade soups and desserts served with a fine selection of coffees and teas. You will have a chance to explore the town & settle into your accommodation before enjoying your dinner at Mitchell’s restaurant in Clifden this evening.

Well-rested & well-fed, you will begin your day cycling along the lake-strewn bog road to Ballyconneely. Here you can visit the acclaimed Connemara Smokehouse, where the owner, Graham Roberts, specializes in wild and organic salmon, smoked and marinated. Traditional production methods and very high quality seafood are the priority. Roberts is one of Rick Stein’s food heroes and his smoked tuna appears in Stein’s restaurant. Afterwards you will continue on your journey to Roundstone, a scenic fishing village in South Connemara, famous through the work of many well known painters. They have been attracted here by its picturesque harbour and wonderful outlook across a deep inlet of the Atlantic to the ever-changing peaks of the Twelve Bens. This evening you will be staying in Ballynahinch Castle, dining at the renowned Owenmore restaurant in Ballynahinch Castle Hotel

Your target today is the village of Cong. You cycle over the Maam Valley pass and along the shores of Lough Corrib, where the ruins of a castle are still visible on one of the islands in the lake, famed for its fishing. Cycle through the villages of Cornamona and Clonbur before arriving in Cong, where the film "The Quiet Man" was shot in 1952. Cong has a number of historical sites including an inscribed stone cross (14th century) and the ruins of Ashford Abbey, founded in 1128. Tonight you stay and dine in Ashford Castle, one of Ireland's finest hotels, and former residence of the Guinness family.



7 days (6 nights)

Any day between April and October

Gentle, some occasional hill, average of 45km daily with shorter and longer options available on most days.

Hybrid upgrade bike included (front suspension)

Helmets, front handlebar bag, side panniers (if required), water bottles, bicycle repair-kits and locks.

4* hotels and manors/castles

6 gourmet dinners, all Irish breakfasts

Collection from Galway, Westport or Knock Airport on day of arrival, taxi from your last night's accommodation back to Galway, Westport or Knock Airport.
All luggage transfers from accommodation to accommodation.

Route notes and OSI maps (1:50,000), ticket for Kylemore Abbey.

We organise a taxi to pick you up at Galway, Westport or at Knock Airport to bring you to your first accommodation. A Connemara Adventure Tours representative will meet you on either the afternoon of your arrival or the following morning.

You depart from your last night's accommodation where your taxi will come to pick you up and drive you back to Galway, Westport or Knock Airport.
Your guide will meet you in the morning, with your mountain bike and helmet. Depending on your interest the trip will last for 2-4 hours. We are flexible and each tour is different. ... moreWe adjust to your preferences and things that occur on the way.
This program is to explore only Central Myanmar who do not have much time to Explore Burma. Combination of two major destinations through cycling. You can enjoy local atmosphere with ... morefull of nature. Mandalay – well known for its cultural heritage. Bagan is famous for its temples and pagodas dating back over thousand of years.
Day 1 - Arrival Yangon (L,D) Arrive at Yangon International Airport. Meet and greet our experienced guide. Transfer to hotel. After refreshment, sightseeing begins from City Center ... more– City Hall. Visit colonial style building. We'll explore the downtown area, where the ghost of the British Colonial influence still prevails From there we will visit the (64m) long massive reclining Buddha at Chaukhtagyi Paya. Lunch at a local restaurant. Late afternoon visit to most revered and most famous landmark, one of the World's wonder "Shwedagon Pagoda " at dusk, as the Sun begins to fall over the City. Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 2 - Yangon- Mandalay – Amarapura – Mandalay (B,L,D) ( with car)
After breakfast, transfer to airport to fly Mandalay. Arrive at Mandalay meet with guide and transfer to hotel. On the way drive to Amarapura . Visit U Bein Bridge and Mahargandaryone Monestery. Lunch at the local restaurant. Then continue cycling to Innwa (Ava). Visit Menu Oat Kyaung. After that sightseeing around the Mandalay city. Visit Maharmuni Pagoda. Atumashi Monestery, Kuthodaw Padoga. Dinner at local restaurant and overnight at the hotel in Mandalay.

Day 3 - Mandalay –Ava-Sagaing-Mingun (B,L,D) ( with bike& car)
After breakfast, start cycling to Innwa (Ava). Visit Menu Oat Kyaung. Then continue cycling to Sagain and visit Sagaing hill. After that continue to Mingun. Arrive at Mingun, you can visit famous Mingun Bell and Pathodawgyi unfinished pagoda. Lunch at a local restaurant. After that boat sail back to Mandalay from Mingun. visit to Maharmuni Pagoda. Mandalay Hill – the attractive places to enjoy the sunset scene. Evening sightseeing around the Mandalay city before dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Mandalay. (Cycling distance-65km)

Day 4 - Mandalay -Myingyan (B,L,D) ( with car, bike)
After breakfast, start cycling to the Myingyan. Lunch at a local restaurant. For some kilometers we will drive with car and continue cycling when reach good places to cycle through the villages. You can enjoy the daily lifes of local villages. Arrive at Myingyan in the evening.Dinner at local restaurant. Over night at hotel in Myingyan. (Cycling distance-95km)

Day 5 - Myingyan –Taungtha-Mt. Popa (B,L,D) (car & bike)
In the morning, we will cycling to the Mount Popa. On the ways you can enjoy the local ways of life and panoramic scene. Lunch at a local restaurant. Then continue cycling to Popa. Late afternoon arrive at Mt Popa and visit the shrine on the top of Mt Popa and enjoy the spectacular view of Popa. Dinner and overnight at the Popa Mountain Resort. (Cycling distance-85km)

Day 6 - Mt. Popa-Bagan (B,L,D) (car & bike)
After breakfast, cycling to Bagan. On the way you can visit the toddy glove and toddy trees how to produce the jiggery sweet and way of life in local villages. Arrive at Bagan and rest at the hotel for a while. Then sunset at Pyathatt Kyi Temple with horse card ride. Dinner at the local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Bagan. (Cycling distance-50km)

Day 7 - Bagan sightseeing (B,L,D) ( car , bike)
After breakfast , start cycling to Bagan. It is prepare to be astounded by Bagan, a grassy plain scattered with pagodas. A full day of cycling will take you to the city’s most fascinating sites, including the teeming Nyaung Oo Market, the glittering Shwezigon Pagoda, and the atmospheric cave temple of Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi. In the afternoon, cycling to Ananda Temple, Htilo Minlo Temple. Sunset at Shwe San Daw Pagoda. Overnight at the hotel in Bagan. (Cycling distance-24km)

Day 8 - Bagan – Yangon by flight, car (B.L,D) (flight, car, bike)
After breakfast at hotel, transfer to the Heho Airport for the flight back to Yangon (Domestic schedule flight,1 hr 20 min flying). Arrive at Yangon Airport. On the way to the hotel, visit the Lawka Chantha Abayalabha Muni Image carved out of (500) tons Marble Rock. Then check in to the hotel. The afternoon is devoted exclusively to shopping in the vast and sprawling Scott Market, today known as Bogyoke Aung San Market. The market is filled with Myanmar Souvenirs, from lacquer ware to gems and jewellery (which are available at extremely discounted prices). Stroll along the China Town area and experience firsthand its rustic market. Overnight at hotel in Yangon.

Day 9 - Departure Yangon (B)
Breakfast at hotel and leisure till the flight time. Then transfer to the airport for the departure flight to conclude this happy trip.

08 night hotel accommodation on twin shared basic with daily breakfast
2 domestic flights (Yangon – Mandalay // Bagan – Yangon)
Accompanying English speaking bike guide the whole trip
Accompanying support vehicle or support bus and truck during the whole trip
2 breaks for rest per every biking day (snacks, seasonal fruits, mineral water)
Private boat ride transfer for Mingun and Inle Lake
Entrance/zone fees
Full meals B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , D = Dinner

Not included
Bicycle rental fees
international air tickets
visa costs
optional excursions
camera fees, personal expenses , travel insurance
tips for guide and driver
other services not mentioned
China, Nepal
If you enjoy cycling, the Lhasa to Kathmandu Bicycle Tour is one to experience if you are nearby or be it far. The path is by no means challenging with the barren terrains which includes ... moredirt, roads rugged with rocks, tranquil lakes, and spectacular passes, regarding the fact that the trip also takes you through the mystical highlands with majestic sites of the Himalayas which gives you a taste of true natural beauty as well as a cultural experience through the nomadic lives of the people. Best Months: April - November.
The trail comprises a taste of much culture, Hinduism, Buddhism and Lamaism. Being a land that was previously forbidden, Tibet holds a unique culture that is completely mystical and ... moreauthentic that surely will overwhelm you. The company of friendly people of Tibet along the way will make it sure you pedal at your full potential with the peace in mind.

A few days rest along the way is advisable, for regaining stamina and also acclimatization. In the days for resting, one can always take tours across the cultural landmarks of Tibet like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Barkhor Square, Sera, Drepung and many more temples and monasteries. This is not just a tour, it is an endurance test. Dealing with altitudes over five thousands meters about the sea level, even walking can be physically exhausting. It is always advisable to be cautious along the circuitous roads and along the high descents. A foresight of what to expect and a slight consciousness of the topography is always useful. Make sure you be alert. 

Arrival in Kathmandu airport (TIA) (1345meters).

Day 02 Obtain Chinese Visa and Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour

Day 03 Fly to Gongar airport and drive to Lhasa (3660m)

Day 04 Sightseeing Tour in Lhasa

Day 05 Second day sightseeing tour in Lhasa

Day 06 Start the Bike Tour 80 km

Day 07 Kamba Pass 55 km

Day 08 Karo Pass base 54 km

Day 09 Karo Pass to Gyantse

Day 10 Shigatse 94 km

Day 11 Gyachung Monastery 75 km

Day 12 Lhatse 95 km

Day 13 Shegar 75 km

Day 14 Pang Pass 67 km

Day 15 Rongbuk Monastery 35 km

Day 17 Tingri 86 km

Day 18 Lalung Pass 77 km

Day 19 Cross Thang Pass the ultimate downhill 117 km

Day 20 Back to Nepal 97 km

Day 21 Bhaktapur and Kathmandu 35 km

Day 22 Free day in Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel. B.B

Day 23 Transfer to international Airport for Your onward destination.

Cost Include
To quote you with an exact or approximate price, we need the number of persons in your group, the category of hotel, the mode of transportation (by plane or by bus or by jeep etc) & any alternation in your itinerary. Please contact us with these important details first so that we can get back to you on the cost.

Airport / Hotel / Airport pick up & drop by private car / van / bus

Four night’s accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Kathmandu

Guided city tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle inclusive of all entrance fees

Tibet entry permission, Chinese visa, monasteries entry fees

Kathmandu-Gongar (Lhasa) international flight

Three night's accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star cateory hotel in Lhasa

All accommodation during in Tibet (hotel/tented on twin sharing basis)

Full board meals prepared by our expert cook (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with hot drinks link tea coffee, chocolate etc

A government licensed English speaking Nepalese leader during the whole trip

Tibet Tourism Board (TTB) approved Tibetan guide

Supporting crew, supporting truck and our own kitchen staff

Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment, medicine for all our staff

Trekking equipment (two men tent, dining tent, kitchen tent, table with chairs, kitchen utensils, and all other necessary equipments.

Enough Oxygen cylinder entire of tour

Tibet border to Kathmandu (Friendship Bridge) pick up by tourist bus or jeep

All government taxes and official expense

Cost Exclude 

Mountain bike, helmet

Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu

International airfare other than Kathmandu - Gongar (Lhasa)

Travel insurance

Nepal Re entry visa fees.

Any additional expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as natural calamities, flight delays, rescheduling or cancellations, accidents etc.

Tips for guide and support crew (Tipping is appreciated but it is not mandatory)