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Welcome onboard our full circumnavigation of Spitsbergen in 2017! On this trip you will have the chance to see Svalbard in it’s full variety in all aspects; the wildlife, nature, geology ... moreand most probably also weather and temperature. It is a decent sail around the island but there are no better way to explore than doing watches at different times of day every day, as we seek out remote harbours and historic places along our 500 nautical miles long voyage.
For this trip we are using our expedition-equipped and comfortable 50 feet sailboat “Humla” and we staff up with both a skipper and a co-skipper. You will be involved in the running of the vessel, take watches and have the possibility to learn as much as you want about sailing and navigation. This in addition to the exploration of Svalbard itself.
Day-to-day-program 1st August – meeting time 1600 We meet onboard the boat in the harbour, and start to get to know the other participants, the boat and the equipment. Together we ... morestow all our gear and the food, and then we go through a safety drill and practice handling the boat and the sails. After making sure we are all set to go we sail straight across the fjord from Longyearbyen to Tempelet (The Temple) with it’s impressive shapes in sand and stone. Then we head out the Icefjord and then north on the inside of Prins Karls Forland towards the Forlands-reef, with course for the northernmost settlement in the world; New Ålesund.

2nd August - New Ålesund and Kongsfjorden
Today we will make a short visit ashore in New Ålesund, lying at the mouth of Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay). New Ålesund has a progressive international research environment and is an seldom outpost-like place to be. After a stroll ashore we sail deeper into the Kongsfjord; a fjord by many considered the most beautiful fjord in Svalbard. This mainly due to the surrounding two glaciers as well as the three spectacular pyramid-shaped peaks Dana, Nora and Svea, named after the three Scandinavian countries.

2 - 5th August – north side of Svalbard
Further north, outside the north-west corner of Spitsbergen, we sail into the Smeerenburg-fjord where we will spend some time at a few historical sights. In Virgohamna we will make it to land and see the remains from the 1600th century whaling after Greenlandwhales. Here we will also see remains from the André-expedition and ruins of the hangar of Roald Amundsends airship “Norge”. We will then sail throughout the northwestern islands, pass Fair Haven, and set an easterly course along the northern side of the island, heading towards Nordaustlandet and the Hinlopen Strait. On the way eastwards we will pass either Moffen, a small 360 degree beach resort for walruses, or we’ll go closer to land and visit the harbour Gråhuken where 6 norwegian vessels froze in during the winter 1872. Possibly we’ll also visit Mosselbukta, as well as Heclahuken and Krossøya on the east side of Hinlopen strait’s north mouth. We will then head southwards into the Hinlopen strait, a fascinating sound full of life, whales, small icebergs from all the glaciers on both sides of the sound, separating Spitsbergen from the ice-covered Nordaustlandet. As we go through we’ll pass Alke-mountain; the biggest bird sanctuary of Svalbard, and we will stop at Torellnesset, housing a famous walrus-colony on the south-eastern tip of the Hinlopen Strait. If the weather allows we will also now stop for longer walk onshore to stretch out and move our sailorbodies. Hopefully we can also dip briefly in the crystal clear water on the beach.

5 - 8th August
Almost halfway in the trip we should start heading south, and we will then pass out through the fascinating tidal streams Ormebolet and the Heløy-sound, separating Spitsbergen from Barents island. Here, the tidal stream goes up to 9 knots and it is important to time our passing through correctly. The current is created by the tidal differences between the inner pool of the Storfjord, and the Barents Sea east of Edge-island and Barents-island. We then reach the inner pool of Storfjorden, a big an shallow fjord reaching all the way down to the south cape of Spitsbergen the point that will be our general direction for the next days. On the way south we will spend time and sail passing by destinations like the Nigri Glacier, Cape Lee, Crozier Point, and Whale Bay. Possibly we also find time for a hike up the Keilhau-mountain close to the South Cape before we sail around the cape and up north on the western sound into Hornsund.

8 - 11th August
These last days we will spend in Hornsund and the western side of the land up to Isfjord and Longyearbyen. Hornsund is a beautiful place with good shelter and warmer temperatures, perfect for an anchorage and a hike up on the mountains deep in the fjord. Here four glaciers meet and calve into the sea, a spectacular sight. We then head northwards a will go into the Recherche-fjord for a short visit, before heading north again and into the Icefjord. As we pass the cape of Icefjord Radio we will know if there is time for a visit to the interesting and colourful Russian miningsettlement of Barentsburg.
We will be in Longyearbyen in the morning on the 11th and conclude the trip at 10 am.
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Welcome onboard our eight days trip up along the north-west territories of Spitsbergen; an area rich on both historical sites and wildlife. Focusing on this one area, although relatively ... morelarge, allows us more time at the different places where we anchor, as well as time ashore.
We will spend time on the remote areas up north such as the north-western islands, the Bockfjord, and the Liefdefjord.
This is a spectacular Arctic adventure, that will show you the amazing Svalbard nature, plenty of wildlife - and you'll learn how to sail during the trip!
12th August – Meeting onboard and sail out the Icefjord We meet onboard the boat in the harbour of Longyearbyen, and start to get to know the other guests, the boat and the equipment. ... moreTogether we stow all our gear and the food, and then we go through a safety drill and practice handling the boat and sails. After making sure we are all set to go we sail straight over the fjord from Longyearbyen to Tempelet (The Temple) with it’s impressive shapes in sand and stone. Then we head out of the Icefjord and north. During the night we will sail on the inside of Prins Karls Forland and through the shallow passage of the Forlands-reef.

13th August - Krossfjorden and the surrounding sites
During the day we will reach Krossfjorden (Cross-fjord) and later on the Lilliehöökfjord. Here we will visit the Lilliehöök-glacier with its 8 kilometer long glacier edge. There is need to rush in these surrondings! Later in the day we will sail back out the fjord and head further north towards the Magdalena-fjord.

14th August – The Magdalena-fjord and the north western islands
Coming up on the north western side the Magdalena fjord we will find today’s first point of interest. The beautiful fjord with ice in the water and high peaks around is named after the guardian angel of early Basque whalers; Maria Magdalena. The fjord was an important base for whaling already from the 16th century. Many also died here, and there are a number of burial sites in the area. As we sail further north we reach more protected waters amongst the north-western Islands, the Smeerenberg-fjord. We will visit the Danish-island and the Amsterdam-island with history from the 16th century hunting for whales in this area. At the peak in the 1630s there were about 250 boats hunting about 750 whales per summer. Thus the whale population sank quickly and so did the number of whalers.
Then 250 years later the Danish island became relevant once again as a base for several polar expeditions in the 18th and 19th century. Virgohavna on the north side was the base for the André expedition of 1896-97 and later the Wellman-expedition of 1906, 07, and 09.
Opposite from Virgohamna we may visit the Smeerenberg-point; the main whaling-station of the Dutch during the peak years of 1617-42. The sites on Danish Island and Amsterdam Island are very popular and also protected, hence the permit to go ashore here is shared with other vessels.

15th August - 17th August – Fjord-sailing into the longer fjords on the north side
The next days we sail into the longer fjords with entrance from north; the Raudfjord, the Liefdefjord and the Bock-fjord. These fjords are home to many reindeers and seels, and polar bears are regularly seen. The glaciers are fascinating, and in the Bock-fjord we will find three springs with water heated by thermal activity, allowing us to indulge in a warm bath!

18th – 20th August – Sailing back south
Early on the 18th we will start our way back towards Longyearbyen. If we get good weather it will give us time to visit more places on the way, such as New Ålesund and Barentsburg.

We will be in Longyearbyen late on the 19th and conclude the trip with a good lunch together in the city the day after. Instead of rushing directly to the airport we recommend that you spend an extra night or day in Longyearbyen to let the experiences of the last ten days sink, and maybe explore some of the things Longyearbyen has to offer.
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Lofoten, Norway
From our fully equipped sailing yacht we´ll fish, sail, hike mountains and take in the atmosphere of Lofoten!
We offer a 43 feet expedition equiped sailing yacht for skippered charter in Lofoten for the 2017 season. The boat has two double cabins and all the things you need to experience epic ... moreareas such as Lofoten, Helgeland and Vesterålen. The skipper has indepth knowledge of the area, history, the best anchorages and activities and the people. We will fish, sail, hike mountains and take in the unique atmosphere of Lofoten.
You start and end the expedition in Bodø. It´s walking distance from the airport to the yacht. 
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Helgeland is the most island-rich part of the Norwegian coastline with a huge variety of mountains, fjords, places to sail and places to ski.... more
The area is still an unexplored Ski&Sail-area and during this week we'll continue to explore the fjords and mountains of Helgeland.
On our Ski&Sail-trips we combine real sailing with proper skiing - a unique combination!
Welcome onboard our season-starting expedition of 2017!
Tour program day-by-day Start: Bodø, saturday March 18th, noon End: Bodø, saturday March 25th, morning Arrival day - preparations and sailing... more
Gathering of the group, get to know the other participants and plan the week. Look at snow conditions, weather forecast. In the afternoon we set sail and start the expedition.

Sunday- skiing/or sailing
We get to know the boats and the equipment more in depth, and sail further north towards the fjords. Or go skiing.

The following days;
We will sail northwards and adapt our plans according to the snow conditions and the weather-forecast.
​In general we sail to where the snow is, and spend time skiing there.

Along the way we stop at one or two good local restaurants to relax and enjoy good food.

We end the trip in Bodø on the saturday, full of impressions!

Book flights departing Bodø no earlier than 12 am in the day, Saturday March 25th.

This program is a draft plan for the week, and we will adjust the plans according to weather, snow conditions and other factors.
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This is an adventure for ski loving people that want to explore the Fjords of Sunnmøre
We start in Ålesund and from there we sail right in to the Sunnmøre Alps. Here we have classics such as Skårasalen (1542), Slogen (1564), Grøtdalstinden (1331), Dukhornet(1412) and ... moreRisenosa (1573).

This part is one of the absolutely best areas for powder skiing with it´s long winters and loads of snow. You will have a local mountain guide ready for you every day of our trip. Their local knowledge will make sure you reach the best areas, while their education and experience will grant you a safe trip.

Every day we sail to the foot of yet another untouched mountain, and when you return to the boat, dinner will be served.

The trip starts and ends in Ålesund every Saturday. See or for flights.

The 43 foot sailing yacht (2008) has three double cabins, two bathrooms, dinghy, kayak, and diving equipment on board. We can sail you to the foot of the mountain so that you can start your top climb literally from the deck of our boat.
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Lofoten, Norway
Set sails on the fully equipped sailboat "Embla" and sail to and from Bodø, Nordland!
Have an experience of a lifetime - charter a sailboat with skipper and cruise along small islands and a beautiful coastline. Enjoy the midnight sun in summer season and the northern ... morelight in autumn and late winter.

The boat "Embla" is very well equipped and has double berths in two cabins plus two single berths (sofas) in the main cabin, allowing accomodation for up to 6 persons.

For skippered charter no experience is required and instruction will be given at your own wish.

We operate from our base in Bodø, and will arrange transport from airport or train station. Our area of cruising is basically from Brønnøysund in the south along the fantastic coast of Helgeland, past Bodø and then along Steigen all the way up to and including the Lofoten Islands.
The best Yachting in Greece is undoubtedly around the Ionian Sea. Lefkada is well known for its geographical location to be the best base to start your yachting adventure around the ... moreIonian Islands.
Our private yachts give you the freedom to explore the Princes Islands of Lefkada or a location of your choice in luxury. All our yachts are certified by EU standards and if you require ... morea skipper they are also qualified to provide you with safety and an experience to live with you forever.We are able to organise private daily trips around the island of Lefkada or for the more passionate sea lovers, we can find you the best weekly packages.
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Experience seven days of paradise in the tropical island. Admire the virgin beaches, enjoy the lavish resort, learn the Sasak culture and discover the beauty of Three Gilis.
DAY 1 : AIRPORT – CHECK IN HOTEL – FREE TIME Welcome to Lombok! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your teman at the airport and will be taken to the hotel to check in. Today, you ... moreare free to enjoy your leisure time at the resort until the end the day.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


Today, you will travel to South Lombok and visit Ende Village, a warm and friendly cultural village where culture and traditions are still well preserved. Walk around the traditional village, observe how they weave and be closer with the locals. Afterwards, we will take you to Mawun Beach, a beautiful white-sand beach surrounded by stunning hills.

Next, you will be transferred to Selong Belanak Beach. Stroll around the shore, sunbathe, play by the water, or just relax and sit on the beach. Finally, visit Merese Hill to witness the most exotic sunset from the top of the hill. After that, you will be transferred back to your accommodation.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


In the morning, you will visit Traditional Market Gunungsari. Buy your favorite local’s breakfast and bring home Indonesia’s authentic spices. Next, you will be transferred to Lingsar Temple to learn about the unique culture before continue with a cidomo to visit the Traditional House Karang Bayan.

Afterwards, you will be taken to Karang Temu, where you will join the locals to learn to make ketak and have your lunch by the river. End the day with astonishing sunset view from top of Malimbu Hill before you will be driven back to your accommodation to rest.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


Indulge a 1.5 hours rejuvenating spa treatment by the beach to relieve your soul. It’s leisure time today, relax at your own pace. A fine dining at the resort would be prepared especially for you; a perfect way to end your day.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


Embark on a thrilling sailing experience around Three Gilis with private catamaran (small yacht). You will first see Gili Air and snorkel along the coast, teeming with marine shallow-coral fish. You will then continue to Gili Meno and snorkel with soft-colorful corals. Finally, you will transfer to Gili Trawangan, where you will have your lunch and you can do more snorkeling on its eastern side.

Continue to sail while we serve you with wine and snacks on board – enjoying the beautiful sunset. Stop at Setangi Beach to have barbecue dinner by the beach, accompanied by a sweet acoustic guitar performance. Enjoy the bonfire with the night sky as your backdrop. Next, you will then be transferred back to your accommodation.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


It’s leisure time today, relax at your own pace.

Accommodation: Katamaran Resort (5*) or similar


After check out, your teman will escort you to the souvenir shops. Bring back home Lombok’s authentic snacks, bamboo handcrafts and potteries, pearls, or the beautiful kain songket (woven fabrics).

Depending on your flight schedule, you would be driven back to the airport.

Tanzania, Zanzibar
Our sunset cruise leaves Stone Town in the late afternoon to cruise along the coast, slicing through the clear turquoise water. ... more
After you step on-board the vessel, the skilled crew on board take the dhow about 1km away from the shore by means of an engine, once out in the sea the engine is shut off and during a tense moment the skillful crew put up the sail.
Listen to the distant sounds of busy Stone Town be replaced by songs of love and loss played by musicians on board as the butler serves canapes and fills your class with your choice ... moreof a selection of beers, wine and sodas, encouraging you to sink back into the cushions and enjoy the romance of Africa while watching the scenery drift by.

A personal guide will accompany you on your cruise and give you a tour of Stone Town from the water. You may ask any questions about Zanzibar.

See the changing colors of the sky from shades of pinks and blues to magnificent golden colors as you sail back toward the glimmering lights of Stone Town with the wind gently blowing you back to shore.

You will come back to the shore at 6.30pm to take your taxi back to your hotel.

DURATION 2 Hours, From 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM
Transport Guide
Snacks Drinks
/ Group
The journey usually starts from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. It takes about 3 days to sail from Edfu to Aswan. Depending on our guests’ time constraint, other options are also available ... moreupon request. Sailing on the Nile is a wonderful experience. It combines serenity, relaxation and comfort with adventure, exploration and history.
The trip is also very informative; guests can see first-hand Egypt’s history, from ancient civilization all the way through to present-day agricultural and fishing villages that still ... morethrive along the Nile.

Guests decide for themselves what they want to do and see. A choice of temples, archeological sites, monasteries and small villages are all available to choose from according to one’s preferences.

We present points of Interest instead of itinerary

The modern Egyptian village of Esna, which was ancient Iunyt or Ta-senet (from which the Coptic Sne and Arabic Isna derive), was built in the area of ancient Latopolis and is the site of a major temple dedicated to the god Khnum. Under the Greeks and Romans, the city became the capital of the Third Nome of Upper Egypt. Besides Khnum, the temple was dedicated to several other deities, the most prominent of whom were Neith and Heka.

Esna is located about fifty kilometers south of Luxor. The temple now stands in the middle of the modern town at a level about nine meters below that of the surrounding grounds. Some blocks of the earlier 18th Dynasty structure are preserved. The present structure dates to the Greek and Roman period and is one of the latest temples to have been built by the ancient Egyptians.

The Temple of Horus in Edfu (also known as the Temple of Edfu) is considered the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. This partly because it was built later than most: in the Ptolemaic era from 237 to 57 BC.

Gebel Silsila is the name given to a rocky gorge between Kom Ombo and Edfu where the River Nile narrows and high sandstone cliffs come right down to the water’s edge. There was probably a series of rapids here in ancient times, dangerous to navigate, which naturally formed a frontier between the regions of Elephantine (Aswan) and Edfu. In Pharaonic times the river here was known as Khennui, the ‘place of rowing’.

The Dandara complex is one of the best-preserved temple enclosures in Egypt. Its huge temenos wall contains two monumental gates enclosing the main temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the small temple of Isis, two mammisi and a ruined Coptic church.

The Ptolemies have constructed the Temple of Kom Ombo for the worship of two gods, Sobek; the Crocodile god, and Horus, the falcon god. This is why the complex mainly consists of two parallel temples with all the traditional components of such ancient Egyptian religious structures are present in the two temples.

Aswan is the smallest of the three major tourist cities on the Nile. Being the furthest south of the three, it has a large population of Nubian people, mostly resettled from their homeland in the area flooded by Lake Nasser. Aswan is the home of many granite quarries from which most of the Obelisks seen in Luxor were sourced. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians’ gateway to Africa.


Full board and non-alcoholic drinks

All applicable taxes

Not included

Alcoholic drinks

Tickets for sightseeing

Guide for sightseeing

Transfer to/from the boat
Join S/Y Framstig for ski touring in Sunnmøre Alps while living on the boat. We hire a guide on request. You can book pr day or for a week
Itinerary Day 1 Arrive in Ålesund When you arrive at Ålesund airport, you take the bus to city centre. In the harbour you will find the ship. There will be time to see the city.... more

Day 2
First skiing day
We will find a suitable trip. Breakfast in the morning. Dinner in the evening. Lunch on the trip.

Day 3
Second Skiing day
We will find a suitable trip. Breakfast in the morning. Dinner in the evening. Lunch on the trip.

Day 4
Third Skiing Day
We will find a suitable trip. Breakfast in the morning. Dinner in the evening. Lunch on the trip.

Day 5
Fourth Skiing Day
We will find a suitable trip. Breakfast in the morning. Dinner in the evening. Lunch on the trip.

Day 6
Fifth Skiing day
We will find a suitable trip. Breakfast in the morning. Dinner in the evening. Lunch on the trip. The boat will go onshore in Ålesund for the evening.

Day 7
You will go home from Ålesund.


Your own bed onboard Framstig

Daily meals

Skipper onboard

All government and local taxes

All service charge tax and VAT

Not included

Your travel to arrival/departure point in Ålesund

Travel and resque insurance

Personal equipment

Personal expences

What to Bring

Mountaineering ski or Splitboard with skins

Safety avalanche equipment (receiver, pole, shovel)

Clothes for the season

Extra clothes

Daypack 30-40 l


Sun protection