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Coasteering Hook Head and along the Hook Peninsula with the Irish Experience it an experience to get excited about! Experience the thrill of jumping off these ancient limestone slabs into deep blue waters, swimming through caves and scrambling over rocks, along with the stunning scenery.
What you can expect
Some say it is a crazy adventure sport! But we say it is an adventurers dream come true. Coasteering is perfect blend of the best adventure sports there is :
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Ocean Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • Caving
  • Hiking/Scrambling

If you like adventure, the question is not if, but when?

There is always the chance of seeing seals, porpoises, gannets, sun fish, star fish and other amazing creatures on this adventure to remember. With such a vast amount of features available, Coasteering Hook Head will never disappoint.

Why Coasteer with The Irish Experience?
  • Coasteering Hook Head is known as arguably the best location for this awesome activity in the country
  • We pride ourselves on the high quality equipment that we provide our clients with
  • Dedicated Coasteering guides
  • Our wetsuits are 5mm thick and super warm – we clean all our wetsuits with special eco cleaner after every use, fresh for when you put them on!
  • We provide wetsuit socks and gloves for extra warmth and comfort while coasteering Hook Head, as well as buoyancy aid and helmets.
What is Coasteering?

Coasteering is an exhilarating combined rock and water activity that can be delivered to every individual level which makes this activity suitable for those with no fear of heights or water as well as those who may not be quite so confident.  During your Coasteering trip you will learn rock climbing and scrambling techniques as well as how to jump from great heights safely.

Wearing sturdy footwear, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, participants travel along a section of coastline; sometimes swimming in the sea, sometimes scrambling on rocks and jumping from rocks into the sea.

Why Try at all?

Because you will love it!  As well as the big thrills while coasteering Hook Head you will get to learn about the sea, how it works and you will definitely get a whole new perspective of our coastline, indeed, you will be exploring areas that very few people get the opportunity to!
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We can offer alternative water activities, should the weather/conditions not suit Coasteering. You’ll never be stuck on the day with nothing to do!
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