Snowkite course Haukelifjell

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English, Norwegian
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Martin S
Short Version
This is a Friday to Sunday course in kiting on snow. You can expect quick progression and a lot of fun. The base is on Haukelifjell in Norway.
  • Beautiful winter landscape
  • Action filled snow sport
  • Suitable for all ages
What you can expect
The course aims to make you an independent kiter, so you can manage alone with your own equipment. Courses are laid up with a lot of kite flying and fun, but there will still be a strong emphasis on safety. We hope we can get everyone to kite with ski/board during the course, but of course wind conditions and individual progression plays a part here.

Main topics of the course will be:
  • Navigation of the kite
  • Understanding of the kite fly area and power zones
  • Safety
  • Launching and landing of the kite
  • Rigging

To ski/board with a kite 
Assessing conditions and kite spots
Selection of equipment

Wind Warranty
It matters to us that participants will feel satisfied and that they are getting value for their money. If the weather is difficult and there is not enough wind to complete the course in a satisfactory manner, we are flexible enough to offer you a spot in another course for free. We will complete the course if there is a minimum of 4 hours of enough wind to fly the kites.

Courses start with theory Friday night at 9 and lasts until Sunday afternoon around 4.30. Saturday and Sunday we are out about 7 hours per day.

Kites, harness, helmet
What to Bring
  • Goggles
  • Helmet if you have one
  • Skis/snowboard (if you dont have this it is possible to rent from nearby ski slope Haukelifjell Skisenter)
  • Wind and waterproof winterclothing, including a warm jacket/sweater to be worn during breaks. This is the norwegian mountain mid winter and temperatures can drop to -30 wind chill factor!
  • Warm gloves
  • Warm leggings
  • Sunscreen/cold cream
  • Thermos
  • For skiers with rigid plastic shoes: If you want you can take an alternative, warm boot that is easier to move in before we begin with skis on
Group Size
2 - 16
Nanook Experience Category:
Kite Surfing, Skiing
Nanook Package Type:
Weekend package, Instructional Course
Activity Name
Course onlyPerson2 days 2 hours
Basic lodgingPerson2 days 2 hours
Hotel standardPerson2 days 2 hours
Availability and Schedule
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Check in Time
Weekly on Sunday, Friday, Saturday9:00 PM
Terms & Conditions
  • Every participant must sign to the following at arrival
  • I understand and acknowledge that my participation in the activities associated with course involves a risk of damage to my own person, which can not be eliminated despite the precautions taken.
  • I also recognize that I myself could be liable for damage to third parties if I do not follow the safety prescriptions I get charged by the instructors.
  • I take voluntarily the risk of injury associated with the activities.
  • I've informed those responsible for the course and instructors omsykdommer I have that may affect and involve risks relating to operations, including, for example. diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.
  • The undersigned hereby declares not to hold those responsible for the beginner class, instructors, Haukeliseter mountain lodge, the Norwegian Trekking or liable as a result of damage to my person, or other types of damages arising in connection with activities undertaken in the course.
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Ståvatn spot right outside the cabin
Early january 2017