By Gunn Anita Sæther 11/2/2017 2 minutes

Whether you want peace and quiet or pulsating city life, Japan has got it all. This is the place to go if you want the ideal vacation where you leave with recharged batteries, and memories to last a lifetime.

No matter where you hail from, the politeness and customer service you´re greeted with when you land here, will at first feel unusual. But it will quickly grow on you. Everywhere you go, you can expect to be met with a great deal of courteousness, which is not the worst premise when exploring a new country.

Japan is the perfect mix of tradition and modernness. One one hand you have huge cities like Tokyo, with skyscrapers, high speed trains, technology and shopping. And on the other you have the old Japan, like in Kyoto - with peaceful shrines, historic palaces and ancient culture.

From any of these cities you can reach the Izu peninsula and Mt. Fuji, with a bullet train, within a few hours. Soak in one of their natural spas with the world famous mountain as a backdrop. Or spend the day hiking up to the summit. On Izu, a few hours away by car, is also the famous Shirahama Beach. A beautiful sandy beach and a great surf spot. There´s numerous surf spots throughout Japan, but most of the surfing activity is around the Chiba, Shonan and Shizouka areas.

If you plan on visiting during skiing season, Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido is a great starting point. The city is surrounded by mountains and just a short train ride away are world renowned sites like Niseko and Rusutsu.

This rich country is filled with big attractions, so you will keep on coming back. And together with the cleanliness, the sushi and the high tech toilets, there´s no reason not to.


Gunn Anita Sæther