Northern light activity week. 6 days

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An adventure week in Arctic Norway, the Land of the Northern Lights.
  • Northern lights, Dog sledding, Sami culture, Reindeers, Snow shoeing, Ice fishing, Design lodge
What you can expect
Experience different winter activities like snow shoe hiking/cross country skiing, icefishing, visit to a reindeer herder, dogsledding and northern light safari. Here you can experience Sámi culture in combination with environmentally friendly and exiting winter activities while you stay comfortably at the truly unique Engholm Husky Lodge.
This adventure is also well suited for families with children over 12 years.

Day 1 - Travel to Norway and arrival at Engholm Husky Lodge (EHL), Dinner and going through the program
At EHL you are lodged in design cabins with double rooms. Single rooms/cabins and cabins with guarantied privat bathroom are available for an additional cost.

Day 2 - Snow shoe hiking or cross country skiing with ice fishing
Our goal for the day is a lake where we will try ice fishing for brown arctic char. We will make a fire and enjoy our lunch outdoors. After our return to the husky lodge there will be time to your own disposal. Dinner will be served in the lodge kitchen.

Day 3 - Dog sled tour and lunch outdoors around an open fire
The guides will show you how to prepare your team and how to pack your sled and how to drive your team. When we are ready, we start out. We will enjoy our lunch packs around an open fire in the forest or on the plateau before the trip continues.

Day 4 - Time at your own disposal and Northern light safari in the evening
This day has no set program before the northern light safari in the evening. You can book another guided trip, spend the day at the lodge, taking part in the daily work with the dogs or just relaxing with a book from the mushers’ library. There are kick sleds and snow shoes for your free disposal or you can visit the village Karasjok.

Karasjok is the Norwegian Sàmi capitol and there are many things to explore. You can visit the Sàmi parliament and get a guided tour or you can visit the Sàmi museum. You can explore and purchase Sàmi arts and handcraft at the local silversmith or knife smith. Your guides will also help you if there are other activities that you wish to do.

Alfter dinner we will go out on a northern light safari. The Northern light safari starts at 8pm and takes you to the holy Mountain Halde. The Karasjok area is one of the best places in the world to see the magical Aurora Borealis. This is due to the nature given climatically and geographical conditions of inner Finnmark. The 1,5 kilometres hike from the husky lodge takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Mt. Halde you have a 360 degree view to the sky and if the strange lady decides to show herself, this is the perfect stand. On this northern light safari you will also learn about the old Sámi religion and culture and about the northern lights.

Day 5 - Visit to a Sámi reindeer herder
This day will be memorable. We travel beyond the beaten tracks by snowmobile to a winter settlement for Sámi reindeer herders who pursue their livelihood here on the winter pasture. We may spend the day together with them and join their daily life with their reindeers and get insight in their way of living and herding. This adventure is a unique privilege made available for few by a Sámi family from Karasjok.

The Sámis are the only people in Europe with indigenous status and this day will give you a unique opportunity to learn more about their centuries’ old traditions and their way of life today.

Day 6 - Program ends after breakfast
We would like to encourage you to stay one or more extra days to see more of what Karasjok and the neighboring town Kautokeino have to offer.
What to Bring
  • Winter clothing
  • Equipment list will be provided
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2 - 8
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Local Culture
Sleepover Experience
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Vacation package
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Northern light activity weekPerson6 days
Extra services, gear, food etc
Pickup in Karasjok to Engholm Hysky Lodge
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- Only when not uninfluenced by alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
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