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The idea for our concept developed while running our own adventure company, Norwegian Goosebumps (Norsk Gåsehud).

We realized that other passionate providers with unique eco friendly experiences had the same challenges in reaching travelers using digital technology and marketing. And we saw too many examples of locals being exploited by international tour operators.

Why not let the local adventurers focus on what they know and love – giving the customer the best possible experience. They are hard working as it is, and not everyone can be experts in digital marketing. We believe that travelers deserve the best experiences, and that proviers that work hard to support themselves and give travelers those experiences, should be rewarded for their efforts.

So, how can we help?
By connecting travelers and adventure companies directly, without the costly steps in between. To do this we use multiple channels, such as this marketplace, customized trips, global network, and providers helping each other. We have a team that strive to make new innovative solutions and never rest in the task of making traveling better.

Still, human interaction is important. You can have the best digital solutions, but you can´t replace a human being. We are gonna to be there for our providers and costumers whenever needed.

We make technology and the Internet jungle easy to navigate.

Our philosophy
We only promote local providers, because we want the money the costumer spend on travel to benefit the local economy where they choose to go. We only pick out companies and providers that take responsibility for the environment, the community, and their workers. We choose our partners carefully, that means this marketplace isn´t for everyone. Demanding something from our providers is proof of quality and responsibility.

By using a local, responsible company you will get local knowledge, leave less of a footprint in nature, and your trip will be safer and better!

1% of our turnover goes to projects that help clean up the ocean and nature that surrounds us.

We want to partner up with the good guys, forcing the travel business towards becoming more responsible concerning nature and local communities.

David vs Goliath.
Choose the small, passionate ones. This movement can help change the world, one trip at a time. And travel can instead of being a problem, be part of the solution, by connecting our travelers with the best providers – without giving half the money to a big tour operator somewhere else.

Will you join our movement?

Nanook - the polar bear
The Inuit believed that Nanook, the polar bear, was powerful and mighty, and they thought that he was "almost man". The polar bear has recently become a symbol for, and a victim of, climate changes and ocean pollution. Still the bear remains strong and powerful, and make an impact on anyone that encounters it. 

And, Nanook the documentary
Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic is an American silent documentary film from 1922 by Robert J. Flaherty. The first documentary in the world.
This movie is a great inspiration for us.

That is why we adopted Nanook as the name of our project.

See Nanook of the North right here: