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Short Version
We paddle from the last outpost of civilization into the crystal-clear waters of the Bjurälven river. The silent movement forward allows for close encounters with the mystical beaver. It’s a four-hour tour of paddling and safari, containing a “fika” stop, in the untouched nature of a large nature reserve. In Bjurälven we have the oldest family of beavers in Sweden. The wilderness of Bjurälven Nature Reserve has, since their arrival in 1921, become a real beaver paradise with excellent chances to see them. But this tour is not like any other beaver safari – it’s a wilderness experience in an area completely uninhabited and untouched by humans.
What you can expect
We meet at the farm Leipikvattnet, from where we walk down to the lake to start our canoe trip. After about a kilometre of canoeing along the shore we get to Bjurälvens outlet, where the water is almost always calm. Time to lower our voices – we are near the beaver’s lodge.

This river has a special relationship to beavers, for it was here the first beavers where relocated in 1921 after having been extinct in Sweden. It is an extraordinary story of two Norwegian beavers who were moved from Norway, wintered in Stockholm and then were transported all the way to Bjurälven by more than 6 month of transportation!

We keep on paddling upstream and watch the rich mountain vegetation along the riverbank. The guides tell you about beavers as they are helping you with your paddling. There are traces everywhere! Keep your eyes open, beavers can appear as suddenly as they disappear.

When we have gone as far upstream as possible, we have snacks and refreshments made from local products.  With new energy, we follow the river back to the lake and the farm. It is often on the way back, transported by the current, that we see the most beavers.

Although we cannot promise that you will see any beavers, we have seen them almost every time we paddled in Bjurälven since the summer of 2014.
What to Bring
  • Required: Appropriate outdoor clothing Extra clothes (In case you get wet) Recommended: Camera Binoculars Swimwear (!)
Group Size
2 - 8
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Canoeing, Wildlife safari
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Day Tour package
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Beaver SafariPerson4 hours
Student4 hours
Child4 hours
Group4 hoursSchool classes and other youth groups get reduced prices on all of our activities. Please contact us for a price
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Weekly on Friday, until Sep 1, 2017
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