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This is a one-day excursion starting in Addis Ababa!
Archeological sites of Tiya, Adadi Mariam and Melka Kunture After breakfast, depart south from Addis Ababa to visit these archeological sites of interest. Tiya is an ancient stellae ... morefield, with anthropomorphic statues marking burial grounds. Tiya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adadi Mariam is a rock-hewn church, similar to those in Lalibela. Melka Kunture is a pre-historic tool-making site. Return to Addis Ababa late afternoon.
Join us for a one-day excursion starting in Addis Ababa!
Depart from Addis for a short drive to Debre Zeit, home to several crater lakes and a popular weekend getaway spot for Addis Ababa residents. You can spend the day visiting the lakes ... moreor doing some light hiking (circling Lake Hora takes 1 ½ hours). The area is very popular for birdwatching. There are several lake-side establishments for lunch and even a spa. Return to Addis Ababa, late afternoon.
/ Person
Our ten day historic tour includes the major historical sites of the North with a trip by road from Bahir Dar to Axum via Gondar and the Simien Mountains. This tour includes three ... moredomestic flights on Ethiopian Airlines; which is optional and can be custom made.
Day 01‐Addis Ababa Arrival in Addis Ababa early morning, Ethiopia's capital perched on the high plateau at 2400 meters altitude. Welcome by guide and transfer to hotel downtown. A ... morelittle rest and pick up from your hotel to start the day with visit the Entoto Mountain, 3,200 m, the northern edge of the city. There you would have a panoramic view of the city and visit the Palace and Museum dedicated to the King Menelik II, the founder of Addis Ababa. It is from this hilltop that Emperor Menelik II and his wife, the Empress Taitu, planned the foundation of the city. After seeing a thin column of steam in the lower part of the city, Empress Taitu headed to this place and discovered hot springs, and a flower, which inspired the name “New Flower" for the city. The museum houses gifts, bequests, purchases, trades, and expedition’s related to Emperor Menelik II and Empress Tailtu. Later head to Trinity Cathedral church, resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie. The city's religious cornerstone is ringed by graves, though it's the two tombs inside that really count, for this church is as much about Selassie as saviours.

Begin the afternoon sightseeing day in prehistory at the National Museum of Ethiopia, where the attraction is Lucy, a 107‐centimetre‐tall, 3.2‐million‐year‐old skeleton. You’ll find a reconstruction of the skeleton laid out in a glass case.

Overnight Hotel ‐ Addis Ababa

Day 02‐Addis Ababa ‐ Bahir Dar

Fly to Bahir Dar on Ethiopian Airlines/drive (Optional). In the morning, take a boat trip on Lake Tana to visit two monasteries, Ura Kidane Miheret, found on the Zege Peninsular, dates from the 14 century. To get to this hilltop church, you walk about 500 metres from the boat landing, past coffee plantations. The brightest colours of the church illustrate scenes of King David and Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. Afternoon drive 30 km rough road to see the Blue Nile Fallsor Tiss Abay, virtually a trademark of Ethiopia and for a short hike in the area. After crossing the Blue Nile through an old Portuguese bridge (built in the 16th century), continuing on foot along a path to a superb scenery overlooking the falls (400 m long and 45 m high). Water rushes into a deep gorge giving rise to clouds of steam and in rainbows.

Overnight Hotel ‐ Bahir Dar

Day 03‐Bahir Dar – Gondar

We leave the shores of Lake Tana in the direction of the town of Gondar, located at 2200 m altitude. Some stop along the way to see women making the staple food, Enjera and birds around in the marshal of Lake Tana. In the afternoon, start tour the medieval town of Gondar with its royal enclosure, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring five castles built by a successive King in the early 17th century. Next head to the bathing pool attributed to King Fasiledes, which has two story building, believed to have been the kings’ weekend retreat. Visit the church of Debre Birhan Selassie, famous for its religious art and especially its iconic ceiling depicting angels and the ruins of Kuskuam found on the outskirts of the own, built for Empress Mentewab in the 1700’s.

Overnight Hotel ‐ Gondar

Day 04‐Simien Mountains

Early departure first to Debark and then to Sankabar the gateway to the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Often compared to the Great American Canyon, these volcanic mountains of Basalt and Gneiss, are an extremely steep terrain, the result of intense erosion. We are at the heart of the highlands located at an average altitude of 3300 m and where many peaks reaching over 4,000 m including Ras Dashen, 4543 m, the highest point of the country. Enjoy some light trek in the afternoon in the park, between Sankaber (3250 m) and the large waterfall Jinbar. The trail proceeds along the vast escarpment, first slightly uphill before starting a descent to the waterfall.

Overnight Lodge/Camping (Optional)

Day 05‐Simien Mountains ‐ Axum
Take a scenic drive to Axum, capital of the ancient Axumite Empire, today modest town yet with great history and memory. On the road you would enjoy one of the most beautiful scene in the country. Frequent stops to appreciate view points of Limalimo, Tekeze River Gorge. Arrive in Axum late afternoon.

Overnight Hotel ‐ Axum

Day 06‐Axum

Tour Axum town, which has astonishing monuments that made the town one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit St. Mary of Zion church, which houses the Ark of the Covenant. Tour the ancient stele fields, standing for 2000 years. Visit the new Archaeological Museum. Visit other tombs and archaeological sites. (On Saturdays: Colourful market). Finally, visit a small museum that contains the crowns of Ethiopian kings and other treasures.

Overnight Hotel ‐ Axum

Day 07‐Axum‐ Hawzein

Drive from Axum to Hawzein via Adwa and Adigrat. Adwa is a town with tremendous importance to Ethiopians because it is in the hills surrounding that Menelik II defeated the conquering Italian army in March 1896. A visit to Yeha, a magnificent Sabean temple (5th century BC) converted into a church dedicated to Abba Afse, one of the nine founders of Ethiopian Christianity. Destination Hawzen, a small town that lies near the Gere’alta mountain range and many beautiful rock‐hewn churches.

Overnight hotel‐Hawzein

Day 08‐Gere’alta

A demanding day with climbing and an hour walking to reach Mariam Korkor church, one of the largest and most interesting rock hewn churches in Tigary and visit the nearby chapel, Abune Daniel. It would take half day,

Afternoon Dugum Selassie church, an important archaeological site with a tomb reminiscent of King Kaleb. This church was once an important pilgrimage centre and today is important in the history of Christianity in Ethiopia. Continue to the church of Maryam Papasetti built at 2000 m altitude in the shelter of a cliff and consists of three rooms in a row. Access to the church is through a pleasant path. By late afternoon, return to lodge.

Overnight hotel‐Gere‐alta

Day 09‐Lalibela on the road visit Yimerhana Kirstos Church

A highlight of the trip! These churches, some of which are fully monolithic were dug from the roof to the base. Nicknamed the "African Jerusalem", the site reproduced shrines connected by a system of tunnels and underground, distributed on either side of a river symbolizing the Jordan.

Tour the magnificent rock‐hewn churches of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This group of eleven monolithic and semi‐monolithic structures were carved directly into the stone. This complex boasts the largest monolithic church in the world, a maze of passageways and tunnels, intricately carved reliefs, and fabulous examples of icon paintings. Tour of Beta Medhanialem the largest and highest, Beta Mariam, the favorite of King Lalibela himself that is superbly decorated. Continue with the discovery of churches Bet Meskel, Bete Denaghel, Michael Beta and Beta Golgotha. The afternoon will be devoted entirely to the discovery of the Southern group, Beta Emanuel, considered the most refined monolithic church in the style of Axum,Bete Merkorios, Beta Gabriel and Raphael and Beta Abba Libanos which according to tradition, was built in one night the wife of King Lalibela with the help of angels. We complete the visit with the church that has the shape of cross, the emblematic Bete Giorgis.

Overnight hotel ‐ Lalibela

Day 10‐Fly to Addis Ababa/Drive (Optional)

Fly to Addis Ababa. Souvenir shopping, Day Use hotel, Traditional Ethiopian dinner farewell, featuring dancers and musicians of the country's folk groups. In the evening a welfare dinner held in the magnificent Traditional Restaurant of the city and after a pleasant drop down to Airport.


Airport Transportation in Ethiopia‐Locally

Ground transfers

Nights hotel accommodation

Entrance Fee of the sites

Meals (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner): full board

Services of different languages speaking skilled and experienced guide

Drinking water 1.5 litres per person per day


Seedling on the road

Not included

Personal and baggage insurance

Luggage handling in the airport



Tips or Gratitude

Optional activities

Laundry, Personal Toiletries and items of a personal nature
Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It has become safer, and now it is placed among the safe countries of Africa. There are many Christian monuments in the north ... moreof the country, and in the southwest of Ethiopia there is the highest concentration of aboriginal tribes in the entirety of Africa. You can meet ten of these tribes during this trip.
Day 1 Participants meet in the late evening hours in Adis Abbeba, the capital of Ethiopia. There is a festive dinner in a renowned and stylish restaurant, Karamora.... more

Day 2 Transit with hired land cruiser-type cars to a small city Arba Minch. During the trip we will take a bath in a small lake Langano, and stop in Shashemene for a fruit cocktail. Later we will dine on excellent fish from the Chamo Lake.

Day 3 We will explore the customs of the Konso tribe, their „middle-age castles“, terraced fields, and canyon.

Day 4 We will visit the Bana tribe, one of the less known Ethiopian tribes. During the transit we will taste the traditional „tach“ drink.

Day 5 We will go to the national park Mago, have an afternoon safari with a land cruiser-type car, and we will overnight in tents in a camp near Head Quarters.

Day 6 We will visit the Mursi tribe, legendary naked warriors. Men have bodies painted with clay, women wear small plates in their lips. We will stop in one Mursi village, and drive through their territory to the Body tribe territory.

Day 7 We will visit the Body tribe, another tribe from the Mursi and Surma tribe group. However, the Body tribe is quite different as you’ll see. In the afternoon, we will stop during our return at another Mursi village, and then spend our second night in the camp of National Park Mago.

Day 8 We will visit the Karo tribe, the renowned warriors. We will visit their villages that are situated near the river Omo, and are far in the bush land. We will cross the river Omo to visit the Bume tribe.

Day 9 We will visit the Dasanech tribe, who also live on the western bank of the river Omo. The men fix their hairstyles with clay – from which they make „helmets“. In the afternoon we will move to the Hamar tribe territory, which is one of the most beautiful tribes in Ethiopia. We will visit the marketplace, and if you’re interested, we can spend the night in the Hamar’s village.

Day 10 We will visit both the Tsamai and the Arbore tribe. Tsamaj tribesmen comb their hair in a strange way, and the tribe Arbore is again something completely different: ** for example they live in very interesting straw buildings.

Day 11 We will travel to the National Park Bale Mountains, the most beautiful national park in Ethiopia. Except for several kinds of endemic mammals we will also find there biotopes, which can’t be found anywhere else in Ethiopia.

Day 12 We will view the mountain plateau with endemic Ethiopian wolves, Seneca’s, and lobelias, and a mist forest in the foothills of the nearby mountains.

Day 13 A safari (on foot) observing endemic mountain nyals, and pigs. For anyone interested, there will be a possibility of a horse ride.

Day 14 We will return to Addis Abeba. We will stop to take a bath in a renowned thermal spa for the „higher society“ near the Sodere city. We will arrive to Addis in late evening hours.

Day 15 A **Day for shopping for souvenirs and departing. End of Tour.

This itinerary flexible, and will likely change in order to coordinate visits with market days in the south, which is a great opportunity to mingle with the people, many of whom travel long distance on foot to attend.
Our seven days historic tour adds an extra day in Lalibela and a city tour of Addis Ababa beyond our five day tour. This tour includes four domestic flights on Ethiopian Airlines.
Day 01 Addis Ababa For morning Arrivals at Bole International Airport you may begin your tour after checking into your hotel. For clients arriving in the afternoon or evening, you ... moremay begin your tour the following day.

Visit the Ethnographic Museum, a great introduction to Ethiopian culture and history. Visit the Mercato, one of Africa's largest outdoor markets, and Trinity Cathedral, resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie.
Overnight Hotel - Addis Ababa

​Day 02 Addis Ababa - Bahar Dar
Fly to Bahar Dar on Ethiopian Airlines. Visit the marketplace in Bahar Dar. Take a boat tour on Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, and tour ancient island monasteries. 
Overnight Hotel - Bahar Dar

​Day 03 Bahar Dar - Gondar 
Drive through the countryside to Gondar. Tour the Royal Enclosure, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring five castles built by a succession of Ethiopian Kings beginning in the early 17th century. Having survived several wars, including air raids during World War 2, the castles are a testament to the resilience of this once mighty African Empire. Visit the church of Debre Birhan Selassie, famous for its religious art and especially its iconic ceiling depicting angels. 
Overnight Hotel - Gondar

​Day 04 Gondar - Lalibela 
Fly to Lalibela on Ethiopian Airlines 700 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. Tour the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This group of eleven monolithic and semi-monolithic structures were carved directly into the stone of the mountainside at least 800 years ago. This complex boasts the largest monolithic church in the world, a maze of passageways and tunnels, intricately carved reliefs, and fabulous examples of icon paintings.
Overnight Hotel - Lalibela

​Day 05 Lalibela 
For the morning we have two choices: Take a morning hike with mules to Mount Asheton, with its 13th century rock-hewn monastery and great views of the town; - OR - Drive to Yemrehanna Kristos, a beautiful church situated in a shallow cave that predates the churches of Lalibela. The drive to Yemrehanna will also give you the opportunity to view the rural countryside and villages of the Ethiopian highlands. Following either option above continue with tour of Lalibela’s churches in the afternoon. 
Overnight Hotel - Lalibela

​Day 06 Lalibela - Axum 
Fly to Axum on Ethiopian Airlines. Tour the ancient stelae fields, standing for 2000 years. Visit the new and impressive Archeological Museum. Visit other tombs and archeological sites as time permits. 
Overnight Hotel - Axum

Day 07 Axum - Addis Ababa
Fly to Addis Ababa. Visit the National Museum, home of the 3 million year old skeleton “Lucy.”
Day 1 Arrive Addis Ababa. Afternoon city tour of Addis. Overnight AA. Day 2 Fly to Axum, ancient capital of Ethiopia, which is the site of a number of remarkable monolithic stone stele, ... moreor obelisks, each carved from a single huge piece of rock. Overnight yeha.

Day 3
Full day in and around the historical sites of Axum. Overnight Yeha.

Day 4
Fly to Lalibella, the site of 11 remarkable rock-hewn monolithic churches believed to have been built by King Lalibella in the late 12th or early 13th century. This afternoon we visit the first group of the rock-hewn churches. Overnight Roha.

Day 5
Full day in and around Lalibella. Morning - a mule trip to Asheton Mariam rock-hewn church. Afternoon visiting the second group of Lalibella's churches. Overnight Roha Hotel.

Day 6
Fly to Gonder for its numerous castle-like palaces, which are dating from 17th and 18th centuries. The Debre Brehan Sellassie church is one of the beauties of Gonder for its remarkable ceiling decorated with winged angles. Overnight Goha.

Day 7
Fly to Bahir Dar. This afternoon we visit URA Kidanemehiret Church, on Lake Tana, which has got over 300 years - old murals of Mosses and other beautiful paintings. Overnight Tana Hotel.

Day 8
This morning we drive to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls (Tis Issat), which has got about four hundred meters wide in full flood. Come back to Bahir Dar at a mid -day for lunch. Afternoon will be sightseeing around Bahir Dar. Overnight Tana Hotel.

Day 9
Fly back to Addis Ababa.

Day 10
Day 1 Arrive Addis Ababa. Afternoon city tour. Overnight AA. Day 2 Fly to Bahir Dar. Afternoon boat trip on Lake Tana and visiting Ura KidaneMehirat church.... more

Day 3
Drive to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls, which has got about four hundred meters wide in full flood. Back to the hotel at a mid-day for lunch, and afternoon will be visit to the market.

Day 4
Drive to Gonder, about 180kms. Today we visit the medieval castles and churches of Gonder. Of all these, the church of Debre Brehan Sellassie with its unique murals is one of the highly painted Ethiopian churches.

Day 5
Leave Gonder for Axum some 360kms to the north via the scenic route of the Simien Mountains and Tekazze valley.

Day 6
Full day in and around the historic sites of Axum. The magnificent stele or obelisks, the Archeological museum and the 16th century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion are one of the sights we are seeing today.

Day 7
Fly to Lalibella, the site of 11 rock-hewn monolithic churches believed to have been built by King Lalibella in the late 12th or early 13th century. This afternoon we visit the first group of the rock-hewn churches.

Day 8
Full day in and around Lalibella. Morning - a mule trip to Asheton Mariam rock-hewn church. In the afternoon we are visiting the second group of Lalibella's churches.

Day 9
Fly back to Addis Ababa.

Day 10
(Departure or) doing an extension to Harar. Fly to Dire Dawa and drive to the ancient and old city of Harar, which is dating back to 1520AD. Harar is famous for its ancient buildings, its great city walls and with 99 mosques.

Day 11
Full day in and around the historical-old city of Harar. Harar is also noted for its superb handicrafts like basketry.

Day 12
Drive to Dire Dawa and fly back to Addis Ababa at the mid day.

Day 13
/ Person
This tour is ones in a life Time you will visit the northern historical sites of Ethiopia in 9 days tour program.
Day 1 City tour in Addis Ababa City tour in Addis Ababafrom the first biggest open air market in Africa to the national museum of Ethiopia watching lot of ancient historical materials ... morealso fossil of early mankind, then at the night time watching cultural dancing called “eskista” and testing the traditional dishes of Ethiopia at cultural restaurant, over night in Lobelia Hotel or similar
Day 2
domestic flight to Bahirdar 
Visiting the most beautiful city of Ethiopia ,lake shore of “Tana “ this lake is about 3673km2 it is the starting point of world’s longest river blue Nile, Depending on the season watching the blue Nile waterfall, over night in Papyrus Hotel or similar 
Day 3
Boat trip on Lake Tana, visiting the ancient monasteries found on the islands this all are made before 14 century both of them fund in different island the journey is more interesting when you watch different topography of the islands also watching coffee farm, over night Papyrus in Hotel or similar 
Day 4
Drive to Gonder
Sightseeing of the ancient city of Gonder which is founded by King Fasil in the 16th century, visiting the Fasil palace which have got amazing architectural design& the DebreBirhan Selassie church, over night in Michael Hotel or similar
Day 5
Day Trip to Semien mountain national park
Drive to Simien mountain national park which is a world heritage since 1978, watching Ethiopian tallest mountain called RasDashen also Ethiopian endemic animals such as gelada baboons, walia Ibex Ethiopian wolfs and endemic birds visiting the amazing scenery of the park, over night in Michael Hotel or similar
Day 6
Drive to Axum
Early we start Driving to Axum via Tekeze valley through the scenic land escape after arival leisure, over night in Africa Hotel or similar 
Day 7 
Visiting the major historical site of Ethiopia which is going to be the ancient obelisks those are UNESCO world heritages, the church of St. marry or Zion where the original Ark of the convenient is kept secretly on the afternoon visit the archeological site and the swimming pool Queen of Sheba, over night in Africa Hotel or similar 
Day 8 
domestic flight to Lalibela
After arrival at Lalibela you will hike the mountains where you can see the stunning landscapes then leisure, over night in Mountain view Hotel or similar 
Day 9
Lalibela then flight back to Addis Ababa
watching the 11 surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock that the world has never seen yet after visiting all those churches you will flight back to Addis Ababa after you attend our farewell party at cultural restaurant departure
ned in the “included” list.
/ Person
This tour is ones in a life Time you will visit different attractions of Ethiopia both the northern and south omo valley of Ethiopia in 14 days tour program.
Day 1.ADDIS ABABA City Tour We will start the city tour by MESKEL square this place has a significant role for Ethiopian political as well as religious activity, then we will drive ... moreto the biggest open air market in Africa which is known as MERKATO on our way we will visit many historical attractions in ADDIS, After we make a tour in MERKATO we will drive to the beautiful Holy Trinity cathedral located round the city center then we will drive to National Museum of Ethiopia to watch a lot of ancient historical artifacts also fossil of early mankind, then we will drive to the 3,000 meters mountain called ENTOTO to visit the first palace also church of ADDIS ABABA after enjoying with the panoramic view of Addis drive down to cultural restaurant to watch cultural dancing and to test the traditional dishes of Ethiopia then transfer to your hotel, Overnight in Lobelia Hotel or similar

Day 2.ADDIS ABABA- AXUM (Domestic Flight)

Early you will transfer to Air port for your flight to AXUM, after arrival at the ancient town of AXUM you will visit the ancient obelisks which are a UNESCO world heritages then visiting the church of St. marry or Zion where the original Ark of the convenient is kept secretly then transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Yeha hotel or similar

Day 3.AXUM – LALIBELA (Domestic Flight)

You will catch the first flight to LALIBELA, after arrival at LALIBELA town you will put the luggage then start visiting the magnificent rock hewn churches of LALIBELA those churches are 11, all those churches carved out from one single rock by amazing architectural skill before 800 years ago those churches are also known as the eight wonders of the world which is one of Ethiopian UNESCO world heritages, overnight in Lal hotel or similar


We will drive to GONDER town which is been the capital of Ethiopia during the 16th century, after we pass through many rural areas of Ethiopia we will visit the ancient but still graceful palace which is known as the FASIL GHEBI which is a UNESCO world heritage site then you will visit the 17th century DEBRE BIRHAN SILASE church well known by its iconic paintings also the ancient KUSKUAM church then you will attend at cultural club to enjoy with the traditional singing, overnight inTaye hotel or similar 

Day 5.Day Trip to Simien Mountains National park

After we had our picnic lunch we will drive 120 km from GONDER town to visit this UNESCO world heritage park, after we arrive there you will make a hiking in the stunning mountains on the way you will visit the endemic Gelada Baboons and many species of Birds after having your lunch at the beautiful landscape we will turn back to Gonder town, overnight in Taye hotel or similar


Today we drive 100 km to arrive at the most beautiful city of Ethiopia called BAHIRDAR which is located at the lake shore of TANA after arrival you will make a Boat trip to visit the 14th century monasteries located at the islands those monasteries have got many historical and religious manuscripts, not only this you can observe many natural gifts such as coffee farms, aquatic birds and the hippos, after finishing the boat trip you will have a dinner with the best sunset, overnight in Tana hotel or similar

Day 7.BAHIRDAR- ADDIS ABABA (Domestic Flight)

Depending on the season you will visit the Blue Nile waterfall, this river is the longest river in the world then we make a city tour at this Beautiful town then transfer to the Airport to take a flight to ADDIS ABABA, Overnight in Lobelia Hotel or similar

Day 8.Drive to ARBAMINCH

We will start our cultural tours in the morning by driving to ARBAMINCH town En route visiting the ancient TIYA stele Field which is one of UNESCO world heritage site of ETHIOPIA then Visiting the DORZE tribe village they are well known by weaving and there amazing house building, finally we will arrive to ARBAMINCH town, overnight in Ezana Hotel or similar


Visiting NECH SAR National park watching crocodile market a place where lot of crocodiles found including hippo and aquatic birds then you will make a boat trip on Lake Chamo after all this we will drive a one hour drive to arrive in KONSO town called KARAT, overnight in Edget Hotel or similar


Today you will be visiting the KONSO people cultural landscape terracing which is a UNESCO world heritage then you will visit all the ancient traditions at their different ancient villages and finally you will visit the Konso cultural center, then drive to JINKA after arrival you will visit the south OMO ethnological museum, overnight in Jinka resort hotel or similar

Day 11.Day Trip To MAGO National park 

Drive to MAGO National park to visit the MURSI people the woman who is well known by their clay disc on their lower lip, on the way back you will visit the Ari peoples also if there is a bull jumping ceremony in Hammer tribe village you will attend the program, overnight in Jinka resort hotel or similar

Day 12.Drive To Turmi

Today you will pass through the most interesting markets of the south Omo which is the Dimka and Turmi you will visit one of the markets to visit the diverse cultures of Hammer people and Erbore peoples, overnight in Buska Lodge or similar

Day 13.Turmi to Arbaminch

Early we start driving to Arbaminch Town via the Wita valley this will give you a chance to visit the Tsemay peoples and their traditions, after having lunch at Karat Town you will arrive at Arbaminch then leisure, overnight in Ezana Hotel or similar


After having a breakfast we start our journey to get back to Addis Ababa, you will have a chance to visit many rural villages as well as small Towns after a half day drive you will arrive at Addis Ababa after you attend our farewell dinner at cultural restaurant transfer to Airport for your international departure
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