Frequently asked questions

Why should i book my experiences through BookNanook?
  • BookNanook is supporting local, passionate providers around the world, and aims to help building local communities.  While traditional travel services have many points that all wants a cut, our system collects only local high quality activity companies and local with a sustainable green profile. We want to help them reach out, and help you find the unique activities. 1% of the revenue is earmarked to ocean clean up projects, we also help small providers building travel infrastrucure in their communities.
  • Another important thing is safety. When you book via our site, your money is frozen until you actually meet up with the provider and things are all right. We only collaborate with thrusted partners.

How does the payment solution work?
  • We use the international recognized payment solution Stripe.When you get a booking request accepted, the amount get frozen in Stripes system. the payout to the provider will be handled three days after the date of the service. This provides safety for you as a customer, and for the provider, in case the customer don´t show up.

How is BookNanook supporting projects for cleaner ocean and waterways?
  • Every year we sit down picking a handful of great projects that we believe will make an impact and make the most out the money they receive. We do a backgrund check and learn more about the project. Every supported project must be a registrered charity.

How can my company join BookNanook? 
  • First you have to send the application in the top right corner. The next step is that our team check if your company suits our standards as a local, responsible adventure company. And, it also have to suit our concept. You can have a great company, but for us it is important that your concept and tours fits in with the others in our system. If you have good values, are locally owned and provides great adventures this would be no problem!

How is BookNanook marketing their partners?
  • First of all we have this marketplace, and we have several other sub-marketplaces narrowed in to niches like trekking, kayaking and for destinations. We also get requests from people that want customized trips and from other channels like social media and partners.