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The Gulf Islands Explorer is one incredible paddling experience!
Your guide will lead you to some of most beautiful camping and paddling destinations in the Southern Gulf Islands. Stunning white shell beaches, amazing sandstone formations, abundant wildlife and a Mediterranean-like climate make the Southern Gulf Islands a world-class kayaking destination.
What you can expect
Destinations may include:
(The route options offered are not guaranteed. Our route is determined by wind, weather and other factors our guides take into consideration. There are many gems to explore and every route has amazing things to offer.)

Wallace Island Provincial Park
We will launch from Hudson’s Point on Salt Spring and paddle the 30-minute crossing over to Wallace Island. We will head straight to Chivers Point and set up camp. After, we head back out to explore Wallace Island and the Secretaries. Wallace Island, located in beautiful Trincomali Channel between the northern ends of Saltspring Island and Galiano Island, offers numerous beaches, coves and offshore islets to explore. Bald eagles, black-tailed deer and mink are common in the park, as well as harbour seals, sea lions and river otters.

Dionisio Point Provincial Park
In the morning, we will learn to predict the day’s tides and currents over Salt Spring Organic Coffee and come up with a plan for the day. Our timing for the day must be just right as we head to Polier Pass, an area of fast tidal currents that result in fast moving whirlpools and standing waves. We need to be there at slack tide for safety’s sake.

Dionisio Point offers incredible scenery including headlands flanked by sandy beaches, picturesque bays and a unique shoreline that includes sculpted sandstone shelves, pebble and sand beaches and colorful wildflower meadows. Fast flowing tidal currents of Polier Pass have created a rich intertidal life - sea-stars, nudibranchs and chitons can be seen in the tide pools, and at times large quantities of swimming scallop shells can be found on the beaches. Sea Lions are often spotted in swimming and playing in the churning waters.

Blackberry Point on Valdes Island
We will head back through Polier Pass to Blackberry Point. While sipping your Pinot Gris on the white shell beach of Blackberry Point, you’d swear you were in the Mederterainian. This is one of the Gulf Islands most beautiful campsites with an extensive sand beach, an attractive meadow for camping and extensive eroded sandstone formations to explore nearby.

‘The Cut’ between Thetis and Kuper Islands
You won’t believe there is actually a water passage between these two beautiful islands until you see it for yourself. We will stop in the picturesque Telegraph Harbour for a bite at the Thetis Island Marina Pub, then paddle south along the First Nations Reserve that is Kuper Island, past incredible sandstone formations filled with cormorant nests, and back to Southy Point on to Salt Spring.

On this trip you have two options:

1) A fully catered tour complete with the best organic ingredients and wines BC has to offer. A typical first night’s meal on the Gulf Islands Explorer Tour includes:
Seared Wild Salmon with Mustard-Caper Butter
Organic Slow Roasted Garlic with Salt Spring Goat Cheese on a fresh Baguette
Fresh Salt Spring Greens with Spicy Strawberry Vinaigrette
Wines: Sandhill (VQA) 2005 Pinot Gris, Merlot or Cab Franc
Dessert: BC Cherries and Chocolate Fondue

2) A self-catered tour where you plan and create your meals. Self-cater tours cost about 20% less and are a great option for budget-minded paddlers who want the professional leadership and local knowledge of a Salt Spring Adventure Co. guide but would like to save a few bucks making meals for themselves.

Value Added Tours
We do our very best to give every customer their money’s worth, which is why on any Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. Expedition there is the opportunity for you to learn more about the finer points of kayaking such as:
Paddle stroke technique
How to read nautical charts
Weather prediction
Calculating currents and tides
Wet exits and rescues
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Terms & Conditions
Children 4 – 6 must be accompanied by 2 adults in one G3 kayak Children 7 – 11 by at least 1 adult.
Price includes a guide / naturalist, all kayaking gear, tent and sleeping pad (does not include sleeping bag).

Safety & Equipment
Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid, have been trained by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, and are well-learned nature geeks who know their stuff. All tours prices include use of life jackets, spray skirts (they keep the water out), and paddles. Our guides carry a wide array of safety equipment, including first aid kits, cell phones, VHF radios, spare clothes, and more. Your safety is our highest priority.

Children & Families
Our Seaward Passat G3 kayaks fit two and a half people! They are very stable boats, equipped with a middle hatch seat designed to carry your 4-9 year old special someone, who then has the important job of being "the look out" for BC wildlife. Your child will have an incredible time, making memories, exploring the natural world with you!
Child Age 4-6 FREE with two adults
Child Age 7-11 10% OFF with one adult
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