Why be a partner?

We connect local, responsible experience providers with adventure seeking travellers. Directly.

Together we can change the travel business, and move the power to the small, authentic, passionate local companies, like yours.  

We started Nanook because we have been running a company like yours for many years. We learned that small, local companies around the world had the same issues:

  • It is hard to be visible online when you are alone
  • It is hard to learn the new technology, when you are out serving customers
  • Why should the international tour operators take the a huge part of the booking fee? When the money should go local? Better deal for you, better deal for your customer.
Nanook don´t want you to be our customer, we want you to be an equal partner. The main goal is to get more bookings for responsible providers like you.

This is how we can help:

The digital jungle made simpler:
  • We are the human link making the digital world easier for you. Be updated and competitive. You can always ask us, anything. 
  • We provide service for your customers. If you are out with customers, and can´t reply at once, we have a dialogue to keep them interested.
Easy to get started
  • Add your company. We do a check up. Then we are ready. We also list your products. You can always add and edit tours from the back end.
Customers want to find you!
  • In fact, both tourists and locals have problem finding small passionate businesses like yours! We make it easier, and run campaigns. 
  • We not only have the marketplace. A lot of people request tailormade trips. We collect this, and send out to the ones that match. Then you can give a quote.
It´s free!
  • Your company is free listed with link. If you list experiences to book, we only take a small commission when you earn money by accepting a booking.
We want to change the travel business.
  • A bunch of high quality local providers will make a huge impact. Together we can make the travellers choose the local providers directly instead going through big international tour operators. 
  • With only listing responsible providers and adventures, we want to make it easier for customers to choose local and passionate providers like you!
The payments are safe
  • With Stripe payment solution we collect payment at once the booking are completed. This makes it safe for you as you always will get paid on time, and it makes the payment thrustworthy and safe for the customer. 

These are the requirements for joining Nanook
  • The provider must be owned locally in the country where tours are provided. We don´t promote big international tour operators, because we want money to go to the local economy and not to a big office somewhere else. We want to cut the costly steps between and let local, authentic providers have direct contact with their providers.
  • We focus on adventures in nature and with local culture. All listed tours and adventures have to fit in to that. If we have all kind of trips, this will confuse the customer.
  • All listed adventures have to be responsible for both local community and nature. The company have to show respect to their employees, guides, customers and surroundings. 
  • The listings are free, we do the work with adding and only take commission when you choose to accept a booking request. Nanook is doing this for helping local partners, and we spend the commission on marketing your tours. Respect the work we do, and channel the booking through the system. In that way we can do a better job for you. We want you to be a partner, not a customer, and will do all we can for getting you more bookings.

Do your company fit in our concept?
Join the network and make it easier for customers to find you! 

It is easy, the listing is free, we do the work, you get more customers. Together we are strong!

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