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Lighthouse Foundation
Foundation for the seas and oceans
Earth's oceans are what give our planet its identity - the blue planet, the watery globe. They are the cradle of life, the region with the highest level of biodiversity we know, an irreplaceable source of food, a source and a storage chamber in world-scale chemical and energy cycles, the engine of earth's climate. The oceans determine the nature and quality of the biosphere far beyond their coastlines. They are the sustaining, all-encompassing element in the global biosphere. 

The Lighthouse Foundation supports integrated and long-term approaches in the relationship between humans and the marine environment within the context of sustainable development.

Our Vision - a just future for all human beings on our ‘blue planet’

Our Mission - the promotion of integrated sustainable development processes and responsible behaviour to protect our marine environment

Our Strategy - supporting projects which aim to solve problems in marine locations, as an example of the feasibility of sustainable development. Highlighting the interdependence of humans and the sea, and bringing about a better public understanding of marine issues.