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About Nanook

To Nanook traveling is a an essential part of life. From running a nice, little adventure company at the spectacular Norwegian west coast, we experienced how the big, international tour operators use their dominant position to squeeze small, local providers.

To solve our own problem we reached out to peers everywhere, to bypass costly, unpredictable, unreasonable intermediaries and to empower the traveler.

Nanook is the global marketplace for travelers to discover and book the most amazing adventures, directly from trusted local providers all over the world. Establishing a direct relationship between the traveler and the provider, we offer better travel value.

Redefining the way people organise traveling, we enable a positive economic and environmental impact on local communities and a more diverse world for traveling. The more people connect through Nanook, the greater shift of power in the travel industry - the greater adventure.

Go travelling, make a difference!


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