Travel Value:

  • Local Experts know the area best, and help avoid the tourist traps
  • By cutting expensive middlemen you get more bang for bucks!
  • Explore hidden gems only locals know, more diverse experiences
  • A local company can help you better if problems occur
  • No rush to get everything fit in, you can create your own itinerary
  • Small groups mean more opportunities and flexibility
  • Local guides know the culture and customs of the area best
  • The locals always know the best places to eat!

Doing good:

  • When choosing local providers you benefit the local economy
  • Nanook cooperate with responsible providers only
  • Small companies struggle to be visible among international tour operators.
  • International operators often exploit the locals, and bring most of the money to their head quarter.
  • Big groups and mass tourism do more harm than good and takes the charm away
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